For what the leaders are, that, as a rule, will the men below them be.

Xenophon 430-355 BC

Count on the experience your project deserves

Whether your organization is trying to understand a deal with a foreign adversary or quantifying the risk of an M&A process, our team is ready to help.

Extensive real-world expertise

The Celsus Advisory Group (CAG) has been deeply involved in both public and private sector organizations over the course of 20 years and across five continents. Our talent pool has an established pedigree based upon operations within DOD/Fed/NATO/LE agencies and across the Fortune-500.

Relationships to take you further

We have established relationships with legal and investigation firms, all with deep experience with the global Infosec and Security markets. Whether you are dealing with an issue in NYC or on the outskirts of Kiev, our team can assist with knowledge and resources all the while wrapping your case with the protections afforded by legal privilege.

Customized cross-domain teams

From human process to technical prowess, Celsus Advisory Group utilizes the best and the brightest individuals on a per-project basis fusing tempo, technology, and teamwork. The “CAG” consists of cross-domain experts bound together as rapid deployment teams who can handle experiences ranging from digital to the kinetic landscapes.

Senior level experts

Within the CAG team, there are no juniors, and there are no silos. Our members are not only leaders in their space, but they maintain a comprehensive top to bottom understanding every project – from the strategic, to tactical, to operational.

Let’s talk about leveraging our experts and contacts to mitigate your multi-dimensional risk.

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