Action without Intelligence is a form of insanity, but intelligence without action is the greatest form of stupidity in the world.

Charles Kettering

Intelligence: the great strategic enabler

Intelligence is critical to mission success in today’s world. It can give you a window into the future; a warning of future threats; and even uncover unlikely opportunities. But gathering intelligence — digital and human — and understanding it’s multidimensional value isn’t easy.

The Celsus Advisory Group (CAG) team possesses the unique skills required to collect and interpret sensitive intelligence. We deploy time-tested intelligence-gathering methods and bolster them with a cross-disciplinary approach that incorporates legal considerations, technical considerations and insights into human behavioral factors.

We offer your team a nuanced perspective on what strategic/tactical/operational intelligence would serve you, your organization, as well as your adversaries.

Cross-domain intelligence and blended risks

Intelligence is the core of all business operations. But “intelligence” is often narrow cast as cyber, and therefore yields narrow results. The most impactful intelligence will come from programs that assess information gathered across professional domains and consider both human and digital risks. This approach ensures you are not missing any big picture trends strategies as well as detailed tactics that may not be central to any one business unit.


  • Development of programmatic Intelligence capabilities: The creation and structure of intelligence programs leveraging existing humans, data and systems.
  • Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence Processes: Human, Technical, Legal
  • Integration of our Intelligence gathering capabilities into our Full Spectrum Deception Operations
  • Extensive expertise with influence campaigns, including methods and lawful mechanisms.
  • Long-term intelligence gathering operations From Brand Protection to Data Leak Protection.
    • Risk Rankings of internal Data Sets
    • Threat Intelligence
    • All-source Data-focused research
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Dark Web Investigations and Media Operations
    • Active Threat Hunting
    • Deep Research, including technology review
    • Insider Threats, Deception and Misdirection, Economic Sabotage

Let’s talk about using strategic intelligence to forward your interests.

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