Let your plans be dark and as impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

Sun Tzu

Fortify your defenses for real-world attacks

Offensive testing is the best way to expose unknown vulnerabilities to the ever-changing tactics and technologies used in hacking.

Our advanced team tests your systems and environments using tradecraft in controlled assessments, mimicking infiltration by attackers ranging from hactivists to criminal teams to nation-state aggressors. Breaking into a hardened facility, compromising financial applications, or targeting an executive's social media persona are all possibilities.

Applying sophisticated expertise to strengthen your security

Our capabilities leverage deep internal research to emulate real-world attack scenarios. We view a client’s defensive capabilities in light of the potential business impact of internal compromise or intrusions. Next, we assess your blue team’s capability to evaluate your ability to prevent, detect, and respond to similar real-world attacks, presenting you with the opportunity to integrate a temporary or permanent purple team.

Preparing for blended digital and kinetic threats

The Celsus Advisory Group (CAG) team is the quintessential definition of a simulated blended threat -- merging expertise from both the digital and kinetic disciplines. We believe that if an offensive engagement does not include an external and internal perspective coupled with business impact analysis, it is inherently incomplete and offers a distorted perspective on an organization's operational readiness.

  • Full Scope Penetration Tests, Red Team assessments, Long-term operations (3-18 month)
  • Beachhead-based vertical & lateral movement assessments
  • Scenario-based Exercises, Breach/Threat simulations, table-top exercises
  • Integration of “Purple” team members enabling your SOC/Blueteam to grow in their expertise.
  • Web Applications Assessments, API analysis, Mobility exercises
  • Binary Analysis, Protocol & Hardware analysis
  • OSINT: Blended Kinetic & Digital Profiling/targeting
  • Development of custom C2 Frameworks, droppers and exploits
  • Signals Mapping & Exploitation
  • Deep Research, Magic Keys and tailored entry

Let’s talk about how deep or how far you need to go, and how the CAG team can help.

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