The element of surprise in military operations, which is psychological warfare translated into field tactics, is achieved by artifice and stratagem, by secrecy and rapidity of information, by mystifying and misleading the enemy.

Col. William “Wild Bill” Donovan, OSS, Dec 12 1942

Deception is not new

From the days of the original Trojan Horse and Pyrrhic elephants, to modern day war-time PSYOP leaflets, nation-sponsored media influence campaigns, SMS spear-phishing with custom implants -- deception is at the core of organizational and cultural disruption.

Be assured that whether you know it or not, deception programs have affected your organization. And, with deception technologies becoming widely available, you will see these tactics used more and more. Now is the time for you to understand and leverage the same concepts against ever more capable adversaries.

Customized and discreet programs

Our team can create bespoke deception capabilities ranging from the world of Media & PR to custom technical deployments and what the industry now refers to as “HoneyPot 2.0”. We do that by leveraging an enterprise's existing infrastructure and business processes to provide high-impact events that are actionable, all the while utilizing real-time forensics and developing adversary behavior analyses.

Integration + Process = Impact

We have found the key to executing successful deception operations is to run it like any other serious business endeavor. Our team helps to ensure that tactics and technologies strategically integrate and drive toward clearly defined objectives. A disciplined process that utilizes proper protocols and documentation leads to better results and a platform for effective pivoting

Let’s talk about how deception concepts can operate in isolated silos or can scale to enterprise organizations.

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